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Renovations Underway | Builders head on over to DIY for Tops & Kits
Renovations Underway | Builders head on over to DIY for Tops & Kits

Vinyl Wrap Product Specs

This listing includes (2) vinyl cornhole wraps ~24.5”x~48.5” of the chosen design on premium Air Release Vinyl. (1 set = 2 matching ~24.5”x ~48.5” vinyl wraps, which leaves a little overage for trimming the edges.) 

Please note that this is just the vinyl wrap design; *BOARDS AND BAGS ARE NOT INCLUDED WITH THIS OPTION

The hole is not pre-cut. This allows you to install the graphic to your board and then cut the hole out with a razor blade and trim the edges.

Our wraps are digitally printed to order, with a high-resolution latex printer on premium Air Release vinyl.

AR vinyl allows you to eliminate any bubbles during installation, by simply pressing gently and pushing the air to the edges.

All wraps must be applied to a clean, smooth surface. Poly clear coat is recommended if not choosing lamination option. LAMINATED VINYL WRAPS offer a simple solution for those that do not want to apply a clearcoat finish.

Please note that while the lamination protects the vinyl wrap, it does not protect the rest of the cornhole top.  When using laminate only, air could eventually lift corners and edges causing the wrap to lift and peel. Laminate does NOT require a clearcoat, but you can still apply clearcoat if you choose.

For custom requests, please upload an image/design idea or describe your idea in the notes. Our design team will send you a mock up for review and approval before we print.