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Check out our Mini Cornhole Boards and Cornhole Bags currently on SALE!

How To Install A Vinyl Wrap

We are going to go over the best ways for you to prepare your cornhole board for its new vinyl wrap. Additionally, we will also provide tips and instructions on how to install the vinyl wrap on your board.

Preparation for installing your new cornhole wraps

  • Before installation, ensure that the surface of your boards are perfectly smooth, dry and debris free.  
  • We recommend applying a coat of paint or polyurethane to the board surface prior to installation. Doing so will make the vinyl more adhesive.
    • We apply a thick coat of water-based poly (pro finisher available at home depot) to the wood tops and sand it smooth with 300-400 grit sandpaper. 
  • We recommend using heat during the installation process to activate the curing process or your vinyl may peel up near the edges and corners.  
    • We use a heat gun, but a hair dryer will work in a pinch. This is where having extra help can be useful, ask someone to warm up the wrap while you squeegee the vinyl
    • Make sure to go over every inch especially around the hole and edges.  
    • Be careful to keep the heat at a distance and do NOT place the heat on one spot for too long, it WILL melt.
  • You MUST use a soft rubber or felt tipped squeegee and not a hard-plastic squeegee
  • NEVER use soap and/or water to install the prints. The boards should be completely dry.  
  • There are two different methods of installing vinyl wraps; adhering the top several inches and pulling the backing off of the wrap in one quick movement or the hinge method.  
    • The hinge method is most likely the better option for a DIY cornhole builder, we suggest using the ‘hinge method for vinyl' or cornhole wraps in preparation of installation. Below the instructions are reference for this method.
  • Once installation is complete, you should not see ANY air bubbles.  
  • NEVER stretch the vinyl around corners, the hole or while attempting to remove ripples during installation.  
  • If a crease or large air bubble occurs during installation, the vinyl can be carefully pulled up slowly to go back and repair said area. NEVER fully remove the vinyl from the board after installation has started.


Assuming you are ready for installation and have read the preparation notes; tops are painted or poly’d and sanded smooth. This is a good time to consider whether or not you will need assistance during application of the wraps.

  • Remember to Google ‘hinge method for vinyl' or cornhole wraps in preparation of installation if you need to see some videos prior to application.
  • Align the vinyl wraps to the desired position on the board, checking all corners and the middle hole for alignments.  
  • Tape the vinyl wraps to the boards at the center.  
  • Lift one side of the vinyl, peel and cut off adhesive backing and apply with a soft rubber or felt squeegee.
    • Remove the center tape and do the same for the other side.  
  • Once installed with the soft rubber squeegee, you should see no large air bubbles. If any large air bubbles are present, put a pin size hole in the vinyl and use the soft/felt squeegee to remove the air bubble.
  • Use a firm rubber roller and roll the entire board while applying heat, this will activate the curing process to make the wrap permanent.  
  • Trim off the sides and the hole and the edges of the vinyl with an exacto or razor knife and straight edge. Apply several coats of a water based clear coat following the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Gently smooth with 400 grit sandpaper before the final coat.
  • Let the boards dry and cure for a full 8 hours before transporting or playing on the boards.
  • Do not store outside, in locations with excessive heat or in damp areas or clear coat and vinyl wraps will lift and peel
    • Boards can be stored standing or hanging, but if facing should have something placed in between; we like using baby crib sheets as they will fit perfectly over the top of the board.

Hinge method for installing a vinyl wrap